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Our CDR - EDR Services

  • Hyundai EDR Tool Crash Data Retrieval
  • Crash Data Research
  • Expert Witness Services
  • 49 CFR Part 563 Data Recorder Law
  • Fatal Accident Reconstruction
  • Independent Accident Investigations
  • Vehicle Blackbox Downloads
  • Crash Data Retrieval - CDR
  • Event Data Recorders – EDR
  • Court-Ordered Vehicle Inspections
  • Total Loss Insurance Claims
  • Texting While Driving Accidents
  • Vehicle Hitting a Train
  • Fatal Crash Investigations
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations
  • Rollover Collisions
  • Plaintiff Litigation Experts
  • DUI / Criminal Litigation
  • Law Enforcement Cases
  • Court Orders / Warrants
  • DTPA Lawsuits
  • Auto Accident Investigation
  • Defense Litigation Assistance
  • Total Loss Accident Claims
  • Collision Damage Estimates
  • Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Hit and Run Accidents
  • Manufacturers Defects
  • Staged Accidents
  • Seatbelt Defects
  • Multiple Car Collisions
  • Airbag Control Modules
  • Ignition Switch Failures
  • Low Speed Accidents
  • Fatal High Speed Accidents
  • Electronic Control Modules
  • Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Fraud
  • Low Speed Accidents
  • Manufacturer Recalls
  • Manufacturer Defects



Houston Auto Appraisers is Authorized and Licensed by Hyundai and GIT to download, interpret and provide clients with Hyundai Event Data Recorder Retrieval services on 2012 or newer Hyundai Passenger Cars, SUV’s, Crossovers, Minivans, & Future Vehicles.

Due to potential for liability or conflict of interest, Hyundai Motors USA Dealerships are not authorized to interrogate or download EDR data at any of their North American dealership locations. Hyundai Motors USA therefore directs all Certified EDR retrieval service inquiries to Houston Auto Appraisers Certified Hyundai EDR and Accident Reconstruction services for downloading an analysis of crashed Hyundai vehicles.

ACM, Blackbox Imaging, EDR, ROS, RCM, ECU, SDM, PCM, VSS, Airbag Did or Did Not Deploy? We can provide you with critical answers to a crashed Hyundai vehicle.

Crash data retrieval services are required when you need to know exactly what happed pre-crash, during the collision and after vehicle separation. Our IACP Certified Crash Data Retrieval reports are reliable, court-approved, easy to read, and provide frame by frame crash data in a professional report.

We use BOSCH CDR Tools, Cables and Other EDR Forensics to image Airbag Control Modules

The benefits of having a Total Loss or Wrecked Hyundai vehicles’ EDR downloaded  include:

  • How fast was the Hyundai traveling
  • Steering Wheel Position, Avoidance angle
  • Driver and/or Passenger Seatbelt Buckled or Unbuckled
  • Single vehicle and multi-vehicle collisions
  • Hit while parked, unoccupied claims
  • Shift Position of Vehicle – Reverse, Park, Drive, 2nd – 5th gears
  • Was cruise control on or off at time of collision
  • Accept or Deny Liability Claims
  • Indisputable facts read directly from the vehicles ACM
  • Plaintiff / Defense Litigation – Fact finding during discovery
  • Validating driver / witness statements and their testimony
  • Convict or Exonerate Auto Related Criminal defendants
  • National recognition & approval in Federal, District, Criminal and Small Claims Courts

We are exclusively retained by Insurance Companies, Lawyers, Vehicle Fleet Services, Car Dealers, Police Departments, District Attorneys, and by a Judges Court Order. Houston Auto Appraisers has special training, qualifications and experience with downloading 2012 or newer model Hyundai Event Data Recorders (EDR) crash pulse events on Hyundai vehicles involved in serious auto accidents, accident reconstruction cases, collisions involving heavy vehicle tractor trucks and trailer, transit buses, airport bus, and recreational vehicles, fleet vehicles, emergency vehicles, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrian accidents. Our experience includes Plaintiff / Defense litigation, insurance total loss, fire, flood loss, fraud and bad faith claims, class action lawsuits against Hyundai Motors USA, defects and recalls and Criminal prosecution cases.

Houston Auto Appraisers is licensed and certified to use the Hyundai VCI Crash Data Retrieval tool and cables required to communicate and download locked data stored in the event of an algorithm enable collision event data directly from the vehicles DLC port or you can have it removed and shipped to our Certified Event Data Recorder imaging facility located at 104 West Baker Road, Baytown, Texas.

 Our EDR experts provide nationwide crash data retrieval services and are qualified to provide expert witness testimony at trial throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, The Bahamas, The US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.


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